Broward County Neighborhood
Improvement Projects

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Project: Broward County Neighborhood Improvement Projects
Client: Broward County, Florida; Miller Legg and Associates
Location: Broward County, Florida
Length of Contract: 5 years (multiple contracts)
Nature of Firm’s Responsibility: Document Control

For over five years, Procopio and Associates provided Document Control services to Miller Legg for the Broward County Neighborhood Improvement projects. The Neighborhood Improvement Projects include improvements to the County’s water, sewer, drainage, landscaping and road systems. Once complete, these improvements provide attractive entry features (landscaped medians and marquis), new sidewalks and roads that improve pedestrian and vehicular safety, improved water lines that increase flow and pressure for both domestic use and firefighting capabilities, new drainage systems to reduce flooding as well as reliable sewer systems that greatly reduce the likelihood of groundwater contamination.

Our company managed all incoming and outgoing documents and provide weekly updates on outstanding issues. Construction projects of all types have many time-sensitive documents received by the engineer that need distribution, follow-up, collection and redistribution within a short period. All documents received at a construction manager’s site are logged in a specialized program, shared with all the team members, and the status of each outstanding document is monitored. All incoming and outgoing documents from a construction manager’s site are routed through the document control office. During the life of the contract, Procopio provided exceptional document control services.

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